8 Series 4D Zero Gravity Massage Chair (EX-Display)

£5,499 £2,299

8 Series 4D Zero Gravity Massage Chair (20 weeks ex-display)

Colour: Black/ Black and White

Feature unique to 8 Series

  • Airbag Head Massage

Also featuring:

  • Full Body Scan for The Best Tailored Experience
  • Provides Two Levels Of Zero Gravity
  • Deep Infrared Heat Therapy
  • 4D Full Body Humanistic Massage
  • Extendable Footrest


Model 8 SERIES
Input Voltage 240V / 50Hz
Power Consumption 200W
Timer The default setting is 20 minutes, and can be added to a maximum of 30 minutes.
Net Weight 82kg
Dimensions 780 mm (W) x 1430mm (L) x 1130mm (H)
* When not reclined (with foot rest retracted)