MyWheel Z1

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MyWheel is a new generation of self-balancing transportation is easy to use, hands free and environmentally friendly.Take the MyWheel to the office or just use it for fun.



Also if you need to use public transport or a car, the built-in carry handle makes it easy carry and store away. Comparable to the electric car MyWheel is an economical and
environmentally friendly self-balancing unicycle, ideal for short local journeys and an excellent alternative to using the car. Just like an electric car MyWheel regenerates energy when going downhill or slowing down. It’s fun, easy to use and eco-friendly!


The future of electronic transport is here! The MyWheel battery is super easy to recharge, covering distances of up to 25km with a single battery. The MyWheel is equipped with reliable and highly resilient aluminum pedals with novel anti-slide grips.


  • Samsung battery High performance, powerful and reliable Lithium-ion battery for longer journeys.
  • Easy to use control panel smart start/stop system, makes riding simple.
  • Easily portable take it with you everywhere.
  • Waterproof.
  • Silicone foot pad.
  • Quiet and powerful motor with excellent performance.
  • Self balancing for extra safety. Balancing helps you tone while you ride.
  • Quality tyres suitable for all terrains.

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