What are the health benefits of a massage chair? 

At Sasaki International, we know that the key to a happy life is a healthy life. Our range of products promote a holistic approach to health and well being. All our products provide general benefit to your overall health, as well as alleviation of pain and discomfort and the three pillars of preventative healthcare: fitness, relaxation and a good night's sleep! 


  FLABéLOS PRO OTO ePhysio Sasaki Sleep System Sasaki Massage Chairs Sasaki Foot Massagers
Weight loss X     X*  
Fitness and muscle tone X     X*  
Relaxation X X X X X
Improved circulation X X X X X
Strengthened immune system X X X X X
Sleep quality X X X X  
Pain relief X X X X X
Relief from migraines and headaches X X X X  
Help with high blood pressure X X X X X


*SASAKI 5 Series Massage n' Tone.


Healthy body, healthy mind

We all know that staying trim and keeping our weight down is vital to our general health, but not every one has the time or the inclination for burdensome trips to the gym. At Sasaki, we recognise the importance of a fun, quick and convenient workout. Our range of fitness products don't just help you keep in shape and ditch the flab, proven vibration therapy also helps with chronic complaints such as musculoskeletal pain and improves circulation. 


Total rejuvenation

The principle at the heart of many of our products is improved circulation. Good circulation ensures optimum levels of oxygen are delivered throughout the body to peripheral tissue such as the feet, hands, skin and hair, in addition to organs, glands, muscle and fat. Increases in oxygen and blood circulation enhance the ability of cells to eliminate waste, respond to hormones and absorb nutrients, sugars and minerals. Ageing is intensified by lack of proper oxygenation and circulation to any part of the body, so improving circulation can combat the ageing process. Our products use whole body vibration, massage, electro nerve stimulation, magnetic and far infrared therapy to promote good circulation and help to slow down the ageing process. 


Proven effectiveness

In a recent customer survey, 93% of our customers rated the overall effectiveness of FLABéLOS machine as very good or excellent. We recommend that FLABéLOS is used in conjunction with a healthy diet and conventional exercise. However, although around two thirds of respondents to our survey were not on a diet or doing any other form of exercise, 96% still found the FLABéLOS machine effective at toning and firming. The fact that so many users found that the FLABéLOS worked for them shows that the FLABéLOS can be effective even for users who do no other form of exercise and who do not diet.