The Sasaki 7 Series Massage Chair – a realistic massage from neck to toe!

The Sasaki 7 Series Massage Chair – a realistic massage from neck to toe!

The Sasaki 7 Series Massage chair combines advanced technology features to simulate a deep and realistic massage from head to toe. You’ll think twice about booking in a masseuse after using this chair! Our advanced massage chairs have even been recommended by At Home Magazine with Lorraine Kelly, where Sasaki was named the ‘Best Massage Chair Supplier’.

Featuring the latest Japanese technology and even suitable for use in conjunction with clinical treatments, the Sasaki 7 Series massage chair boasts a number of effective components. Read on for a run through of each feature and why it contributes to a superior massage.

Japanese L Shape Frame

The professional L shape massage chair with an ultra-thin back massage design provides super long massage strokes from the neck to the buttocks. The L shape design fits the shape of the body perfectly, thus allowing the massage chair to give you a deep and stimulating massage to the neck and shoulders, as well as the waist and the hip.

Auto Body Scan Function

With a full body scan function, our 7 Series chair can apply a precise and tailored massage according to differing body heights and body shapes – meaning all the family get to benefit from it!

4D Intelligent Massage Technology

The low noise, ultra-thin 4-roller mechanism in our 7 Series massage chair imitates the methods and massage actions of a professional masseuse. It can simulate kneading, knocking, finger pressing, tapping, rolling, pushing, shiatsu and over ten other mixed massage functions. This mechanism allows for an effective massage on the neck, shoulders, back, waist, hip and buttocks – something which ordinary massage chairs cannot extend to. This latest Japanese technology can also stimulate the acupuncture meridians.

Zero Gravity Function

The Zero Gravity function is based on NASA’s zero gravity theory, and a fundamental of traditional Chinese massage. Sasaki’s 7 Series massage chairs provide the most comfortable "zero gravity" massage position compared to other massage chairs on the market. Zero Gravity is when your body is in the most natural and complete poise for relaxation. The legs are higher than the body, realising 128 ± 7°. It is optimal for keeping the body functioning at its very best.

Zero Space Technology

The Sasaki Series 7’s intelligent Zero Space forward sliding technology is ideal for space saving. It enables you to slide forward before the backrest and lie down to save more space. It also keeps tight spacing against the wall and can slide forward automatically after switching on, saving space and making it a perfect and intelligent device for your modern home requirements.

Unique Foot Massage Rollers

Equipped with three foot rollers, the footrest has a comprehensive rolling and air pressure massage function imitating shiatsu massage and scrape massage to stimulate the acupuncture points in the foot.

Footrest Extension

The extendable footrest reaches to 23cm, making it accessible to differing heights – ideal for all the family!

Full Body Air Pressure Massage

And finally, the full body air pressure massage squeezes the shoulder, arm, seat, leg and foot areas. The gentle yet firm movements of the airbags bring you an experience similar to the palms of a professional masseuse. The multi-layer airbags also give a reflexology massage to improve circulation and give instant relief, while effectively alleviating stiffness, tension and fatigue.

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