The Health Benefits of Far Infrared Therapy in Sasaki’s Massage Chairs and Health Mattress

The Health Benefits of Far Infrared Therapy in Sasaki’s Massage Chairs and Health Mattress

When you hear the word ‘infrared’, it instantly rings alarm bells for some, given that it is a form of radiation. However, far infrared heat is not the same as ionising radiation which causes cancer, it is a form of electromagnetic radiation which does quite the opposite and impacts your health positively. That is why far infrared heat is a feature in many of our health products such as our massage chairs and our sleep systems.

Almost all of Sasaki’s medical massage chairs feature a Far Infrared heat function as well as the Sasaki Magnetic and Far-Infrared Therapy Mattress which works together with magnetic fields to give you a good night’s sleep for a better tomorrow. Read on to learn more about Far Infrared Rays, Far Infrared therapy and how the presence of this function in our products can dramatically improve your health and quality of life.

What are Far Infrared Rays?

Far Infrared Rays (FIR) are invisible waves of energy that have the ability to penetrate all layers of the human physical body, penetrating into the inner-most regions of your tissues, muscles and bones. Did you know, our hands, bodies and the sun emit FIR energy at all times?

Far Infrared Therapy

Far Infrared therapy involves the use of Far Infrared rays to gently heal, soothe, stimulate and detox your physical body, as well as your mind.

An ancient technique, Far Infrared Therapy uses these waves, or rays, of energy to slightly elevate the surface temperature of your body by gently vibrating your blood cells. When we slightly induce a very small temperature increase, we can enhance our body’s functioning on many levels. In Ancient China, palm healing was used to pass these infrared rays from one person to another.

In modern times, it is commonly referred to as Reiki. The Yogis of Ancient India also used FIR in palm healing, and particularly found it useful to place palms over the eyes in cases of eye dryness or strain. Many types of thermal healing have been used in ancient civilizations including Japan, China, India, the Americas, Northern Europe and ancient Rome.

The Health Benefits of Far Infrared Heat Therapy

Improves Blood Circulation

The gentle vibration of your blood cells caused by FIR passing through your body, stimulates your blood flow and therefore improves blood circulation throughout your body. Blood circulation is one of the most important functions in the body. It supplies oxygen to the brain and other organs, helping it to work better and allowing quicker recovery from health problems, as well as helping with pain relief, healthier skin and new cell growth. The rejuvenating effects of Far Infrared has also been shown to help heal scar tissue such as burn scars, acne scars and other forms of dermatological scarring.

Boosts Immune System

Through the subtle heating, Far Infrared boosts your immune system, increasing the amount of white blood cells and killer T-cells. It is an excellent therapy for promoting healing, reducing muscle soreness, muscle spasms and relief for rheumatoid arthritis. Research by NASA has shown that far infrared on the cardiovascular system was a great way of keeping astronauts’ hearts in optimal condition.

Increases Metabolism

Far Infrared can also increase the processing enzyme activity in our digestive tract, as well as boost metabolism. An hour of this therapy can burn up to 900 calories, showing excellent results in breaking down trapped fat, waste, cellulite and other forms of toxic substances. So, you could be improving your metabolism and, therefore, your chances of weight loss by simply relaxing in Sasaki’s massage chairs or sleeping restfully in a Sasaki health mattress!


Far Infrared therapy can be used as an aid in detoxification. The far infrared rays can remove toxins from your body which can often help with fat loss, chronic fatigue, water retention and skin disorders. It can also aid in the elimination of heavy metals, poisons, and carcinogenic material from our bodies.

Far Infrared therapy very gently increases your blood flow by expanding the capillaries that carry blood. It also increases oxygenation and regeneration of the blood, deeply detoxifying it for the improved functioning of all of the major organs in the body, which depend on blood for energy. This detoxification is on the deepest level, allowing hidden toxins in the blood and tissue to be dissolved or immobilized.

At Sasaki we are passionate about combining traditional healing and relaxation methods with modern technology to help improve your health and wellbeing. You can take a closer look at our massage chairs and health mattress featuring Far Infrared heat therapy on our website:, or alternatively, you can chat to one of our friendly team by giving us a call on: 01908 322888, or visiting our showroom:

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