The Benefits of Massage During the Colder Months

The Benefits of Massage During the Colder Months

As we move into colder weather, it’s important to make sure we’re doing all we can to ensure our bodies don’t seize up and become unwell. This is where massage therapy comes in! Whilst it may not be officially winter yet, the colder days are telling us to be well prepared. We’ve listed below how massage can help combat consequences of the cold. Meaning also, how a Sasaki massage product could be your knight in shining armour in the months to come. 

Increases Circulation

As many of you are aware – massage therapy increases circulation to muscles, joints and organs, which works to warm the body up. Massage is a wonderful thing to keep up all year long, but more importantly during the winter. Cold weather can bring on many discomforts. These include aches, pains and arthritis which is made particularly hard for the older generation. However, regular massage during these months is a great way to combat the cold and keep the blood flowing around the body. Enhancing blood flow, it naturally lowers blood pressure and improves body function – and feels great! At Sasaki we can help to find the perfect chair for you – ensuring it targets your most problematic areas. To view our chairs please click HERE.

Boosts Your Immune System

Cold & flu season is one we all wish could be avoided. But massage therapy can help to fight away infection by boosting your immune system. By increasing lymph flow (which is packed full of white blood cells), infections can be fought off by these ‘killer cells’ and lead to a happier, healthier winter.


Helps to Fight Dry Skin

The cold, dry air we experience in winter makes the water in your skin evaporate faster, resulting in drier skin. As you know, massage works to improve circulation. As a result, this allows the skin to better absorb the essential vitamins found in your daily creams and lotions. Massage will help you to fight away the effects of winter air, leaving you feeling better nourished and hydrated.

Rid the Winter Blues

Unfortunately, the colder weather decreases opportunities to do our favourite activities, meaning we’re likely to be less active. However, like exercise, massage therapy encourages positive changes in our hormones. By decreasing cortisol levels (our stress-related hormone) and increasing oxytocin levels (our happy hormone), serotonin and endorphins will be released. Therefore relieving stress levels and becoming a happier version of you!