Sasaki’s Stylish NEW 2 Series 3D Rocking Designer Massage Chair

Sasaki’s Stylish NEW 2 Series 3D Rocking Designer Massage Chair

We are excited to introduce to you our brand-new Sasaki 2 Series 3D massage chair. Completely different from our existing massage chairs, this is our entry level therapeutic massage chair. It has the style and comfort that you expect from a designer piece of furniture, but with the added bonus of also being a quality massage chair. The Sasaki 2 Series 3D massage chair’s design blends seamlessly into its surroundings, whether traditional and cosy or modern and stylish. But it’s not just a design triumph, it’s also one of the first chairs to feature a heat function in the massage rollers.

Some of the key features of the Sasaki 2 Series 3D massage chair include:


  • Full 3D Kneading Back Massage to the neck, shoulder and lower back
  • Heated Roller Massage
  • Vibration Massage on Seating area
  • 20 Minutes auto switch-off
  • Rocking Feature
  • Adjustable Leg Rest


The top of the massage chair features eight massage rollers with heating, which work in forward and reverse directions. Heat adds an extra dimension to your massage, making it more effective and giving you maximum comfort and relaxation.

The height of the rollers on this massage chair are adjustable according to your body height, and the leg rest is also adjustable. These adjustable features allow you to customise your massage according to what your body requires, or to your preferences.

In the middle section of the massage chair there are three levels of kneading and three levels of tapping. Both the kneading and tapping functions can work together synchronously or work separately moving up and down.

The base or seating area of the Sasaki 2 Series 3D massage chair features two strong vibrating motors to give you the most effective massage.

Sasaki’s massage chairs provide luxurious comfort and relaxation. So, if you tend to nod off while receiving an extremely relaxing massage in our advanced massage chairs, our twenty-minute auto switch-off function on this massage chair will ensure you don’t over-do it.

If you’re into fashion and functionality, our 2 Series 3D Massage Chair is an interior design enthusiasts dream. It combines leisure, fashion, simplicity and massage therapy. Available in two colours that very much fit current interior design trends, and featuring a classic and timeless wooden frame, this chair is simply beautiful – both as a functional massage chair and a piece of furniture. The Sasaki 2 Series 3D massage chair’s impeccable design means you won’t be tempted to hide it away in a discreet area of the house; it can be proudly displayed in your lounge, conservatory or study.

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