Sasaki's New 5 Series 3D Massage Chair

Sasaki's New 5 Series 3D Massage Chair

Sasaki’s new 5 Series 3D Massage Chair is here! We’re always working on and improving our products to bring you the best and technologically advanced massage chairs and health products. From heated massage rollers to a zero-gravity function, our 5 Series 3D Versatile Recliner Massage Chair has lots of exciting features. Read on to learn more about them…

A9i Processor

Our 5 Series 3D Massage chair is packed with state-of-the-art applied science and embraces traditional Japanese massage techniques with today’s modern technology.

Patented Mechanical Massage Rollers

The patented mechanical massage rollers featured in our 5 Series massage chairs can provide a combination of kneading, rocking, knocking, tapping and shiatsu massages plus more.

Massage Rollers

The massage rollers can move up and down in an S shape to provide a special and thorough massage.

Zero Gravity Function

The backrest on the massage chair reclines while the leg rest rises, resulting in the ‘Zero Gravity’ function. The zero-gravity position is the same position astronauts would assume upon blast off. The highly reclined position takes the stress off your spine, elevating your feet and legs over your heart while the chair massages your entire body, resulting in deep relaxation.

Heat Therapy

Sasaki’s 5 Series 3D Massage Chair features heated massage rollers, providing heat therapy from the neck to the buttocks. Heat therapy reduces muscle stiffness, increases circulation, and raises tissue temperature. You get an improved range of motion and healing, making your massage even more effective.

L Shaped Massage Track

An L shaped massage track offers a massage covering the neck to the buttocks. The L-track is designed to go beyond the lower back area and hit the gluteal muscles, piriformis and hamstring muscles. It offers a therapeutic roller massage to those oft-neglected muscles.

Bluetooth Feature

The chair features a Bluetooth music connection, with loudspeakers on both sides of the head so you can have a truly personalised massage experience.

Compact Design

The chair’s compact design makes it ideal for the modern home and smaller spaces.

Air Massage

An air massage function is featured on the sides of the seat and leg area of our 5 Series 3D massage chair, with three adjustable levels.

USB Charge Port

A USB charge port is available on the armrest, so you can charge your mobile phone while enjoying a massage.


The Sasaki 5 Series 3D Massage Chair has an economical design to save energy.

Two Auto Programs

There are two auto programs to choose from, and an adjustable massage speed with three levels so you can tailor and personalise your massage according to what you require for each use. This feature also makes it ideal for all the family to use!

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