Sasaki’s 7 Series Massage Chairs Aiding Client Treatment at Wimbledon Clinic

Sasaki’s 7 Series Massage Chairs Aiding Client Treatment at Wimbledon Clinic

Sasaki’s intelligent massage chairs don’t just provide relaxation and massage therapy to our clients in their homes. Many of our clients are large and independent companies using them within their businesses. One such example is Wimbledon Clinic, a natural medicine clinic based in Wimbledon who have now been using our 7 Series massage chairs for several years to aid in client treatment.

How Wimbledon Clinic use Sasaki’s 7 Series massage chairs

Wimbledon Clinic specialises in Natural Medicine, offering a unique, tailored combination of natural treatment and medicine that have been specifically developed by Clinic Director, Thomas Marshall-Manifold.

With more than 35 years’ experience in Natural Therapies and treatments, all treatment programmes at Wimbledon Clinic are naturopathic-based with a holistic approach.

You may think an electronic massage chair featuring highly advanced, modern technology sounds out of place in a natural medicine clinic, but here’s some insight that will make you think otherwise! Our massage chairs combine advanced technology and the latest science with traditional massage techniques and inspiration from ancient Chinese medicine – all in the ease and convenience of an intelligent massage chair which can adapt to each user’s needs. This, in fact, makes them a perfect feature of a natural medicine clinic.

The practitioners at Wimbledon Clinic use Sasaki’s 7 Series chairs as an addition to therapy at their clinic, providing targeted and effective massage to soften patients’ back muscles both prior to, and post-therapy. And it’s a huge hit with the patients!

Here’s what Wimbledon Clinic had to say about our 7 Series Chair:

"We bought some chairs for the business from Sasaki, with our 7 Series massage chair being very popular with patients. We use the chair as an addition to therapy providing massage to soften patients back muscles both prior and post-therapy.

We acquired a commercial warranty which was helpful as we had a small problem with a controller at two years of constant commercial use, but Sasaki dealt with this and we received a replacement within five working days."

Niall Marshall-Manifold DC, Wimbledon Clinic

Beauty Clinics, Gyms and Spas 

Beauty Clinics, Gyms and Spas are further great places to incorporate Sasaki’s massage chair treatments. Have a read of our blog on how ELEMIS Spa have made our massage chairs a complementary feature of their treatments at ELEMIS Travel Spas and Retail SpaPods:

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Introducing Sasaki’s massage chairs to your clinic or business

As exemplified by Wimbledon Clinic and Elemis Spa, our health products can really enhance a customer’s experience of your clinic or business. If you would love to see your clients/patients, and therefore your business, benefit from the advantages of incorporating our intelligent and highly advanced massage chairs into your treatments and offering, please do get in touch with us via the details below.

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