Sasaki Christmas Gift Guide

Sasaki Christmas Gift Guide

Give someone a truly special gift this Christmas. At Sasaki we have a great range of health products that can transform the life of your loved ones (and you, if they share!) Here’s a run-down of our pick of Sasaki products you should add to your Christmas gift list…

Foot Massagers – the gift of happy feet.

Who doesn’t love a foot massage? We’d probably all agree that one of the best ways to relax over the festive period or after a long and tiring day, is a soothing and relaxing massage or foot massage. A foot massage is particularly effective for those whose days consist largely of standing and walking around as this is when our feet tend to swell up. Foot massage can also relieve symptoms of fatigue and stress and give you more energy by releasing any blockages that hold back energy.

We all know someone who is rushed off their feet, and if you don’t - it’s probably you. And who’s to say you can’t treat yourself? Whether it’s a hard-working friend/family member, a special mum-to-be suffering with edema (foot swelling during pregnancy), or yourself, our iComFoot II 2D, 3D and 4D leg and foot massagers make for a perfect antidote to achey, swollen and tired feet!

Learn more about our foot massagers here:

Massage Chairs – the gift of relaxation.

Our extensive range of massage products is unbeatable. Designed and manufactured by Sasaki, our products combine ancient massage techniques with leading, cutting-edge technology.

Whether you're looking to treat that busy professional in your life who’s in need of relaxation or someone looking for relief from chronic aches and pains, our massage chairs make for a truly special gift. And if you’re secretly looking for a gift that will not only benefit the person receiving the gift, but yourself too, our massage chairs are ideal. With adjustable settings and features that both adapt to different body shapes and cater to different needs, Sasaki massage chairs benefit all the family… if you can manage to get them out of it once they’re happily relaxing in it!

Massage therapy has been known to perform wonders on those undergoing it. It really is a life-changing gift. Regular massages and foot massages from as little as 5 to 10 minutes a day using our massage chairs or leg massagers can make a great difference to many health problems as well as improving feelings of general and mental well-being.

We recommend our 7, 8, 9 and 10 Series massage chairs. You can check out all our massage chairs models, here:

Sasaki Health Mattress – the gift of a good night’s sleep.

Not only does our health mattress allow you to give someone the gift of sleep, but this, in turn, also gives them the gift of a better tomorrow. And if you’re gifting it to your spouse – you get to benefit from improved sleep and better tomorrows, too!

Harnessing the proven power of magnetic and far-infrared therapy, the Sasaki Health Mattress re-energises your body, restoring your immune system and your body's natural ability to repair itself and prevent illness. The magnetic fields in our health mattress improve blood flow, encourage pain reduction and alleviate insomnia. It is the only mattress registered as a Class 1 Medical Device in the UK and Europe, and is clinically proven to stimulate circulation while you sleep.

To learn more about our health mattress and some of the science behind it, complete with helpful videos, please click here:

All Sasaki products that we have mentioned are truly life-changing and can help make significant improvements to the health and wellbeing of those that use them. And that, in our opinion, is one of the greatest gifts you can give. So why not change someone’s life with Sasaki this Christmas?

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