Latest Sasaki Massage Chair Addition: The 7 Series SE

Latest Sasaki Massage Chair Addition: The 7 Series SE

The latest in our ever-growing family of advanced technology massage chairs is our brand-new Sasaki 7 Series Special Edition Massage Chair. 

The Sasaki 7 Series 4D L Shape Zero Gravity Reclining Medical Chair features zero gravity technology and comes with the latest Japanese L shape frame. The chairs gentle yet firm movements of the airbags bring you an experience similar to the palms of a professional masseuse - relieving tension and muscle fatigue. Fascinated? Read on to learn more about this incredible new Sasaki massage chair.

4D Intelligent Massage Technology

With its low noise, ultra-thin 4-roller mechanism imitating a professional massage therapist, the 7 Series SE can carry out various massage actions such as: kneading, knocking, finger pressing, tapping, rolling, pushing, shiatsu and over ten other mixed massage functions. This mechanism can perform an effective massage on the neck, shoulders, back, waist, hip and buttocks - a function that ordinary massage chairs cannot. This latest Japanese technology can also stimulate the acupuncture meridians.

Far Infrared Heat Therapy

The Series 7 SE has the added feature of Far Infrared Heat Therapy. This is beneficial for blood circulation, boosting your immune system, increasing metabolism and detoxification. To learn more about the benefits of far infrared heat therapy, check out our blog on it HERE

L Shape Massage Chair

With a professional ‘L shape’ frame, the 7 Series SE provides users with super long massage strokes all the way from the neck down to the buttocks. The L shape design fits perfectly to the shape of your back and body, which helps to stimulate a deep massage on the neck and shoulders, as well as on the waist and hips. 

Auto Body Scan Function

The chair’s impressive full-body auto scan function can supply precise massages according to differing body heights and shapes, therefore providing a more personalised massage tailored to you and your family’s individual requirements.   

Zero Gravity Function

Like many of our other advanced massage chairs, the 7 Series SE has a ‘Zero Gravity’ function, based on the NASA zero gravity theory and a fundamental of TCM. Sasaki massage chairs have created the most comfortable zero gravity massage position – this is when your body is in the most natural and complete relaxation position it can be in. Your legs are higher than your body, keeping your body function in its best possible state, while giving you the feeling of weightlessness.

Zero Space Technology

Zero space intelligent sliding forward technology is also installed in the 7 Series SE massage chair. You can simply slide the bracket forward to lie down – saving time. It keeps tight spacing against the wall - sliding forward automatically after switching on, saving space and displaying a perfect intelligent home concept.

Unique Foot Massage Rollers

Equipped with foot rollers, the footrest with comprehensive rolling and air pressure massage function imitates Shiatsu. Shiatsu is a form of Japanese acupressure, which literally means ‘finger pressure’ and is also described as acupuncture without the needles. The foot rollers in our 7 Series SE massage chair provide effective massage to stimulate acupuncture points in the foot. 

Footrest Extension

The 7 Series SE massage chair comes equipped with an impressive extendable footrest, extending out up to 23cm, which is specially designed for different heights. This makes it perfect for everyone in the family (or your lucky guests!)

Full Body Air Pressure Massage

The full body air pressure massage feature squeezes your shoulders, arms, buttocks, leg and foot areas. The multi-layer airbags perform a reflexology style massage, helping to improve blood circulation and give instant relief, while effectively alleviating stiffness and fatigue.   

The 7 Series SE massage chair is also suitable for use in conjunction with clinical treatments and is currently being used at the Wimbledon Clinic as part of its chiropractic treatments.

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