Introducing the World’s Smallest Massage Chair – The X1 Series 2D uSoffa Petit

Introducing the World’s Smallest Massage Chair – The X1 Series 2D uSoffa Petit

The beautifully compact X1 Series 2D uSoffa Petit massage chair from Sasaki means that you can now achieve total relaxation at home, without sacrificing space!

Chat, Coffee, Massage

Chat, Coffee, Massage

Chat, Coffee, Massage - arguably the ultimate trio for your self-care and well-being routine, and this chair lets you do just that!

Chill out and chat over coffee or tea while you enjoy a complete lower-body massage in the X1 Series 2D uSoffa Petit. This tiny massage chair allows you to connect and bond, relax and rejuvenate, in some of the smallest and cosiest corners of your home. It’s truly an exceptional innovation in lifestyle and well-being.

The X1 Series 2D uSoffa Petit is small in size, but big on pleasure

Under its small and petit facade, this practical and compact massage chair does big things to aid in your relaxation.


Designed with massage, comfort and versatile functionality at its heart, the airbags on this chair work effectively on four areas of your body to provide a;

-        lower back massage

-        buttock massage

-        calf and leg massage

-        ankle and foot massage

The gentle squeezing of the airbags helps to relieve lower body aches while you enjoy quality time with loved ones, or some precious ‘you’ time, alongside your therapeutic massage.

Convenient One-Touch Massage Programmes

Select from three automatic massage programmes (Full, Seat & Back, Leg) with a pre-set combination of massage functions for a relaxing and effective massage any time of the day – all with just the touch of a button.

The retractable leg massage unit delivers a simultaneous, full-coverage kneading massage to your calves, ankles and feet.

The chair also offers life-like massage with airbags that provide gentle yet firm movements that mimic true-to-life pushing sensations, relieving stiffness and soothing aches.

Transform Your Room & Home Experience With Colour Accents

According to a study conducted by Miami University, certain colours innately evoke different memories, thoughts or moods. If your home is filled with walls that are too white or overwhelmingly dark, they can appear to clinical and cold or too dark and cramped, respectively. Details in your decor can change everything and affect the enjoyment of your home, as well as affecting your mental health. By recognising this, it is easy to brighten up or give any room a little extra personality with accent colours.

These accent colours can take the form of

-        A well-placed rug

-        Throws or cushions

-        An accent armchair or sofa

The X1 Series 2D uSoffa Petit massage chair from Sasaki comes in a range of colours, allowing you to pick your favourite or the most complementary colour for your chosen space. This simple feature in this piece of functional furniture will not only enhance your relaxation experience, but your mood and sense of pride in your home, too. After all, we all want our homes to be the cosiest and most relaxing place on earth.

Who knew massage therapy could be so small yet so effective? But that’s exactly what this ingenious massage chair offers you. If you’d like to purchase the X1 Series 2D uSoffa Petit from Sasaki, please click HERE

If you’d like further details before making that all-important decision to purchase, please call 07973 288888. Alternatively, you can book a demonstration at our showroom in Milton Keynes. Just fill in this form to book.