ELEMIS Spa Treatments Get A Boost With Sasaki’s 3 Series Massage Chair

ELEMIS Spa Treatments Get A Boost With Sasaki’s 3 Series Massage Chair

Did you know, it’s not just at home that you can enjoy a massage in Sasaki’s intelligent massage chairs? Thanks to ELEMIS, you can also indulge in a relaxing boost in our chairs on the go. Experience Sasaki’s massage chairs as a complementary feature of treatments at ELEMIS Travel Spas and Retail SpaPods. ELEMIS use our 3 Series massage chairs to give their customers a double dose of ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation. Read on to find out just how it all works and where you can enjoy this magical combination!

ELEMIS Travel Spa 

ELEMIS Travel Spa treatments utilising Sasaki’s 3 Series massage chair as part of the experience are available to passengers at British Airways London Heathrow Terminals 3 and 5 and the New York JFK Terminal.

Travel can be stressful so what better way to relax and re-centre yourself than with a spa treatment and massage in those spare hours before your flight?

As clients of ours for over four years now, Sasaki’s massage chairs are a tried and tested additional feature to ELEMIS’ supremely relaxing facial spa treatments. Customers receiving the treatment relax in a Sasaki massage chair throughout their luxury facial treatment before jetting off on their travels.  Anyone who is flying First or Business Class, or is a Gold Member (long haul), is offered a free fifteen-minute treatment at the ELEMIS spa which can be booked in advance. 

Take a look at some ELEMIS facials that are delivered in our massage chairs HERE 

Here’s how ELEMIS describe their ‘Stopover Super-Charge’ treatment:

“For those who prefer some private chill-out time, our intelligent massage chair delivers a multi-dimensional massage to banish fatigue and leave you feeling revived and refreshed.”

Our chairs were so good that ELEMIS recently upgraded their Sasaki chairs at the Heathrow terminal to the Sasaki 3 Series massage chairs from the previous model they used. 

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ELEMIS Retail SpaPod Experience

You can experience ELEMIS Retail SpaPods in selected department stores around the UK. The are several Sasaki 3 Series massage chairs being used in conjunction with ELEMIS facials in the Liverpool John Lewis ELEMIS Spa, as well as at Debenhams on Oxford Street in London.

ELEMIS are proud pioneers in their industry and the first to use an intelligent massage chair in their SpaPod treatments: 

“ELEMIS SpaPods were the first to use a massage chair that responds to your body, as part of our Power Booster facials” – ELEMIS.

Whether you pop in for your lunchtime therapy or simply add it to your shopping list, total skin and body rejuvenation at ELEMIS Retail SpaPods aim to help you change the way you look and re-energise the way you feel. Clients can enjoy a variety of treatments from Power Booster Facials which achieve maximum results in just 30 minutes, to Expert Touch which are just 15 minutes and allow for a quick and convenient dose of luxury and self-care.

Some of the Sasaki team have been lucky enough to try an ELEMIS facial in a Sasaki massage chair, too! Here’s what our team member, Judith Granshaw, thought:

“The ELEMIS facial is a very relaxing experience, especially during the part of the facial where they leave you for a while to relax in the massage chair while the moisturisers and oils sink into your skin.”

To learn more about the benefits of our 3 Series massage chairs, click here Or, if you’d like to have a chat with us about this product, please give our friendly sales team at Sasaki a call on: 01908 322888. You are also welcome to visit us at our showroom in Milton Keynes: 


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