Benefits of Working Out with Vibration plates

Benefits of Working Out with Vibration plates

Our Flabélos Vibration Plates are great for making fast progress with your fitness and are perfect for fitting into a busy schedule. Below we’ve listed some reasons why incorporating vibration plates into your workout can only be a good thing! 

It Helps to Tone and Strengthen your Muscles

Doing exercises on our Flabélos vibration plates, means that your muscles contract and relax faster than they would during any other workout. Dynamic exercises like push-ups, lunges and squats are great for doing on a on a vibrating plate, as it’ll increase the tone and strength of your muscles. The vibrations increase the intensity of the workout and your hard work therefore goes further, faster. In basic terms, the science behind this is that the frequency changes in the vibration plates trick your body into thinking you’re falling, which then triggers your muscles to start contracting at a rapid rate. Our Flabélos machine is especially good for beginners or those recovering from injury, as it stimulates muscle growth without needing weight-bearing exercises. However, even if you are more of a fitness enthusiast, our vibration plates will help you to see better benefits.

It Reduces your Workout Time

With access to our Flabélos vibration plates, you’ll have no reason not to work out as often as you should, in order to stay fit and healthy! The ‘I don’t have time’ excuse won’t cut it anymore! A traditional workout only uses around 50% of your muscle capacity. However, when you do these same exercises on our Flabélos machine you’ll be able to push your muscles to reach 100 percent. This huge increase in intensity means you can cut down your workout time by over half! We’ve got proven results that show just ten minutes on our Flabélos vibration plates you can get the same benefits as you would from a traditional hour-long workout. Though 15-30 minutes would be extra effective and be a high intensity workout.

It Boosts your Metabolism

As you know, any kind of exercise increases your metabolism. But like how the vibration plates in our Flabélos machine increases the intensity of your workout, these vibrations also increase the intensity of your metabolism boost. As you gain muscle doing your Flabélos workouts, you’ll need more calories to fuel yourself, and feel stronger and more energetic. Likewise, this also means you’ll be burning fat at a higher rate, so you’ll be able to get rid of unwanted weight faster than by just partaking in traditional workouts.

It Increases Bone Strength

The vibrations created by our machines help people that suffer from things like osteoporosis or other diseases that cause brittle bones and loss of bone density. Though of course this is also beneficial to anyone, as stronger bones reduce the potential for injury!

It Helps with Balance and Flexibility

By performing dynamic exercises on our Flabélos vibrating plates, you engage your core and hip flexors in a way that’s bigger in range compared to normal static exercise. As your range of motion increases, your core and hip strength will improve, alongside your balance and stability. This will also help your joint health because both bones and muscles will be stronger! 

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