1. Sasaki’s revolutionary new orthopaedic OTO Deluxe Firm Mattress

    We have a new addition to Sasaki’s Sleep Systems! The revolutionary new orthopaedic OTO Deluxe Firm Mattress is sleep perfection at its best. From reflex foam to its luxury, woven Damask cover, it’s the mattress upgrade you’ve been dreaming of.

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  2. Why relaxation is the key to productivity

    At Sasaki, we’re passionate about living a healthy, relaxed and productive lifestyle. While ‘relaxed’ and ‘productive’ may sound like they don’t belong in the same sentence together, we’re firm believers that relaxing the mind and body makes you work better. And the science says so, too! 

    Read on for our tips on how relaxation is your key to a productive 2019, and some of our health products that can help you.

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  3. The Health Benefits of Far Infrared Therapy in Sasaki’s Massage Chairs and Health Mattress

    When you hear the word ‘infrared’, it instantly rings alarm bells for some, given that it is a form of radiation.

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  4. How a Sasaki health mattress can change your life

    Sleep is the best meditation’ – DALAI LAMA

    Did you know, we spend a third of our lives sleeping?

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