[SASAKI] 4 SERIES 3D Humanistic Massage Chair (Ex Demo 17 Weeks Old)

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We offer a new range of SASAKI massage chairs. SASAKI 4 SERIES offers a comfort massage experience and a unique 360° rotating footrest.

rolling massageRolling

Feels like the gentle hands of a massage therapist pressing firmly on one side of your spine and then the other. It relieves tension and loosens the muscles to prepare your back for a deeper massage.

tapping massageTapping

Feels like fists or the edge of hands rapidly tapping on your back muscles. This is the deep muscle therapy popular in sports medicine. It flexes spinal joints, relieves pressure and invigorates your entire back.

kneading massageKneading

Feels like thumbs pressing firmly in a circular motion on both sides of the spine. This therapeutic motion goes deeper, lifting and stretching muscles to improve circulation.

clapping massageClapping

Feels like the fingers and hands of a professional therapist, continuously and steadily pushing on the muscles alongside the spine and inward toward the spine itself, just like a chiropractic human massage. This mode helps improve mobility and posture.


Rolling: 1 speed Kneading: 3 speeds Tapping: 3 speeds
Clapping: 3 speeds Width Adjustment: 3 levels Intensity: 3 levels
Position Manual Up/Down: Manually move the massage rollers to the desired location for kneading/tapping/clapping.
Partial Massage Area: 3 partial massage areas positioned in the high, middle and low sections of the backrest.
6 Auto Program Sensations: A comprehensive series of combined massage functions.
Shiatsu massage functions in the seat, calves and feet.
Pause: This key will halt all functions immediately.
Angle Adjustment: Automatically control the angle of the backrest and footrest.
The footrest can be rotated manually to achieve a more personalised experience.

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Product Name : 4 SERIES
Dimensions: (Reclined)1750(L) x 740(W) x 830(H) mm
(Up-Right)1200(L) x 760(W) x 1180(H) mm
Weight: 78kg
Rated Supply Voltage 220V - 240V AC
Rated Frequency 50-60Hz
Rated Power 190w
Timer 15-30 mins

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